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North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (Driver’s Licenses)
North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (License Tags)
Catawba County Vehicle Tax

North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (Driver’s Licenses)

Out-of-state individuals who intend to become residents of the State of North Carolina must obtain North Carolina drivers’ Licenses within 30 days of moving into or obtaining employment in North Carolina.

    Individuals must:
  1. Show proof of liability insurance
  2. Take a written examination
  3. Pay a cash fee of $2.50 per year for each year issued for a minimum of 4 years, and renewable every 5 years.

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North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (License Tags)

Individuals should consider calling a local North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle office to determine exactly what the required time period is for obtaining a NC license tag. This information is contained in a “Reciprocal Book” providing for reciprocal agreements reached with other states.

    Out-of-state individuals are required to bring to the DMV office:
  1. The Title to the vehicle
  2. Proof of liability insurance coverage for the vehicle
  3. The mileage on the vehicle

A person named on the Title must personally appear. Passenger vehicles will pay an initial license fee of $20.00, a Highway Use Tax of between $40.00 and $150.00, a Title Fee of $35.00, and a Notary Fee of either $2.00 or $4.00. Subsequent annual registrations of the same vehicle may be made by postal service and will require a title fee of $20.00 plus a mailing fee of $1.00.

    Financed vehicles will additionally require:
  1. A current vehicle registration indicating the lien holder's name
  2. The lien holder's address.
  3. Comment: A current mailing address is critical.
    Comment: Vehicles include cars, trucks, campers, motorcycles, utility trailers, boat trailers, or motor homes.

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    Catawba County Vehicle Tax

    Owners of registered vehicles (i.e., have a valid North Carolina tag) will annually pay an “ad valorem” tax on their vehicles. About three months after the vehicle registration with the North Carolina Department of Vehicles you will receive a Catawba County Vehicle Tax bill. The vehicle tax rate is the same as the Catawba County property tax rate.

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