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Organizational Form
Choice of Organizational Form
North Carolina Charter (Corporations Only)
Partnerships & Proprietorship Formations

Tax Numbers
Federal Identification Number
North Carolina Withholding Number
North Carolina Unemployment Tax Number

Reporting Taxes
Remitting & Reporting Payroll Taxes
Federal Payroll Reporting (Monthly and Quarterly)
North Carolina Payroll Reporting (Quarterly)
Federal Payroll Reporting (Year-End)
North Carolina Payroll reporting (Year-End)
North Carolina Unemployment Tax Reporting (Quarterly)
Federal Form's 1099 (Year-End)

Federal Business Income Taxes
Business Income Taxes
Business Income (For Income Tax Purposes)
Business Deductions (For Income Tax Purposes)
Business Tax Credits (For Income Tax Purposes)
Estimated tax Payments (C-Corporations)
Where to File Returns
Federal Corporate Income Tax Rates

Free IRS Publications

State Business Taxes (North Carolina)
North Carolina Corporate Income Tax Rates
Francise Tax Returns (Corporations Only)
North Carolina Sales and Use Tax
County Business Property Tax Listing
Catawba County Vehicle Tax

Business License Information Office
State Business Privilege Licenses
County (& City) Privilege Licenses

Financing, Insurance, & Penalties
Small Business Administration (SBA)
Business Insurances

Useful Addresses

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