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Our office hours are 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Our physical address is:
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North Carolina CPA Certificate #13766

Regarding Business Valuation Services

Christopher S. Whitener, CPA has a variety of business valuation experiences. We have performed valuations of retail, service, manufacturing, and professional concerns. We have performed valuations for the purposes of negotiating the purchase of a business, conducting the sale of a business, for estate tax planning, and for equitable distribution matters.

Our business valuation background is inclusive of theoretical, financial, and practical experience. We continually educate and refresh ourselves with continuing professional education seminars offered by the best specialists in the valuation field. We subscribe and purchase the best business valuation publications and texts.

Practical experience means that we have worked with "real world" scenarios. Practical experience counts a great deal when making the decision to accept or to reject an offer.

Business valuations are concepts and methodologies applied to facts and financial data. (The more we know the better our conclusion of value.)

If you are considering having a business valuation performed for your company, it is important to engage us early. In most instances where planning is critical the earlier the better. Adequate time allows for planning and implementation. Without adequate time the alternatives diminish. We will make a professional conclusion of value and then we will explain how we derived the conclusion.

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