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For a seller to achieve the anticipated result from the sale of their business the transaction process must be professionally orchestrated. Deal risk must be carefully assessed. The process will rarely allow a second opportunity to get it right.  The brokerage process constantly evolves, particularly during the negotiating, deal making, and document preparation stages.  The highest price offer amount may not be the best overall deal.  An objective opinion on our part serves the best interest of a seller.  Our overall approach and brokerage skills are dedicated exclusively to the benefit of our client. 
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Professional business brokerage utilizes key financial and operating attributes of the selling business to initiate the brokerage process. The broker's initial service is to promote the availability of the business for acquisition - then to qualify prospective buyers. An objective of the brokerage process is to maintain confidentiality during the exchange of proprietary information. A successful sale integrates tactful negotiation, addresses tax positions, and leverages creative deal structuring into an arm's length transaction acceptable to the seller. A quality transaction accomplishes (in an agreed upon manner) a successful transition of ownership.
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